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Residential Complex "Garden quarters" in the magazine Copper Architecture Forum 2018

Our project - a residential complex "Garden quarters" - was in the final issue of 2018 of the popular European magazine "Copper Architecture Forum".

"The combination of three basic materials provides a wide range of visual possibilities, producing a full-fledged urban ensemble. Buildings with facades of the same materials form successive chains or diagonal pairs, which create a compositional unity for the whole complex. And copper plays a key role in this Symphony."- said in the publication. 

The unique opportunity of copper to change over time is also noted: "These live copper facades will develop for many years. The ability of copper to age beautifully is one of its most important features for modern architecture. Stone and brick will not change, and only thanks to copper appearance of buildings will continue to change, adding another component of the architectural composition – time."

Садовые кварталы Садовые кварталы Садовые кварталы

Copper composite panels are gaining popularity among architects from all over the world. Due to the lightness, strength and relatively inexpensive cost of composite copper panels are used in interior design and cladding of buildings. Facade of copper - it is possible, promising and original!

More photos of "Garden quarters" see on the page of our website - "Projects".

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