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composite panels
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Brass composite panels

Панели из латуни

Brass facade

Brass is a multicomponent alloy of copper and zinc. Like copper, brass is an excellent cladding material for facades of residential and non-residential buildings and structures. Our factory produces composite panels of brass, which are an excellent alternative to sheet brass. 

Due to the special properties of the components, the facades of brass are a "living" material, which under the influence of the environment acquires a unique shade, and is patinated over time.

Brass panel Brass in interior

Brass in interior

Brass is an excellent choice for those who care not only about the atmosphere of warmth of copper, but also the strength of the metal. Brass has these qualities, as well as a win-win combination with aluminum and steel, correctly placing accents and nobly setting off the silver metal. 

If you want your interior to sparkle with new colors and there are exclusive and unusual details, added a little chic metallic luster, the metal decoration - this is what you need. Brass decorative panels allow a simple neutral space to feel luxurious. Brass panels give any room charm and a unique image.

The production of brass panels 

The Factory "Grosstek" produces a sheet material consisting of two layers of brass with a polymer filler.

Production of brass Production of brass

Decorative brass

Specification of brass composite panels

Composite brass panels correspond to the fire class of building materials KM1.




Width mm 990
Length mm  2000 - 5000
 Width of brass layer mm  0,2 - 0,5 
     Full width of panel   mm  3 - 4

Composite brass panels Composite brass panels

Processing of brass panels

Brass composite panels can be processed in various ways. We offer the types of processing:

  • cutting,
  • milling,
  • perforation,
  • stamping.

We offer many options of decorative finishes of brass: modern designers are increasingly turning to precious metals and to create an exclusive furniture using brass or composite panels made of brass. Wall panel made of brass can be a great addition to the design. Brass in the interior will be a real gem of the design composition.

Advantages of brass panels

  • 100% brass
  • Low weight
  • Stylish interior solution
  • A worthy replacement of SHEET bronze, brass
  • Polymer filler - fire class G1

Good reasons to use brass composite panels on facades:

  • resistance to corrosion,
  • strength and durability (over 50 years),
  • attractive, natural appearance,
  • "live" facade.

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