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composite panels
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Copper composite panels

Copper composite panels

Copper facade

Copper panels Grossbond FR Cuprum have a noble appearance that distinguishes them from similar type of buildings. This material combines a wide range of colors, durability and functionality. Copper has a unique property to form a protective layer of patina (oxide film) on the surface. This allows facades and roofs, lined with copper composite panels Grossbond, to serve up to 100-150 years or more. Oxide film protects the material from the effects of aggressive environment. So, for example, at mechanical influences it can be restored independently. Many centuries ago, the builders were known for the unique ability of copper to resist corrosion.

 Copper material 

Copper facade Copper facade

Copper facade Copper facade

Copper composite panels Grossbond FR Cuprum are perfect for the interior of the room, and for cladding buildings for various purposes, including residential complexes. Noble metals such as copper, brass, stainless steel are now at the peak of popularity. Architects choose durable "living" material, because the facade of copper eventually acquires a unique shade due to the influence of the environment.

Structure of copper panel

Structure of copper panel

Specification of copper composite panels

Copper composite panels Grossbond FR Guprum correspond to the fire class of building materials KM1.



 Grossbond FR Cuprum

Width mm 980
Length mm  2000 - 5000
 Width of copper layer mm  0,2 - 0,5 
     Full width of panel   mm  3 - 4

The possibility of producing patinated and oxidized copper - a minimum volume of 500 m2.

Oxidized copper Oxidized copper (patina)

Oxidized copper (patina) Copper facade

Processing of copper panels

Copper composite panels Grossbond FR Cuprum can be processed in various ways. We offer the types of processing:

  • cutting,
  • milling,
  • perforation,
  • stamping.

Perforation of copper panels

One of the most popular type of processing of copper composite panels is perforation. The high-tech equipment of our factory allows us to use the technology of perforation on the panels of copper of different thickness - to recreate a picture, a complex pattern or any geometric shapes. We offer three types of perforation: standard, atypical and artistic, each of which allows you to solve the problems of a particular architectural or design project.

Advantages of the facade of copper composite panels:

  • resistance to corrosion,
  • strength and durability (over 50 years),
  • attractive, natural appearance,
  • "live" facade.

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