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Rolling is a technological process of radial deformation of sheet material - composite panels or metal sheets. At our plant rolling is carried out on the sheet bending and roll forming equipment using special rollers (rollers).


Rolling of composite panels

To design the interior of the room often require different geometric shapes of sheet materials. Rolling of composite panels allows closing columns in shopping centers, offices and other types of premises. Also, semi-circular rolled aluminum composite panels are used as cladding material for building facades (columns, slopes and other architectural elements).

Aluminum composite panels are one of the most popular materials for interior decoration. Due to the fact that the ACP is light, perfectly hold flatness, durable and unpretentious in care, architects and designers lay them in their projects.

How to order a rolling

If you need the service of rolling panels, call us at +7(495)215-54-53, email or leave a request on our website, and our experts will contact you.

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