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Milling is a modern technological process of processing of a solid material by means of cutting and giving it the corresponding form. To carry out the work, you need a cutter and a workpiece, on which the product will be manufactured. One of the most popular methods of machining is metal milling. With this treatment, there is an impact on the metal workpiece with a special cutting tool.

    Фрезеровка композитных панелей

Milling of composite panels

Milling of aluminum panels Grossbond is carried out on a vertical cutting machine – Striebig, the difference is that during the work used disc and finger cutters V -, U-shaped and rectangular shapes.

Composite panels in the process of pre-Assembly processing are milled along the bending lines. In the production of composite panels is often required to obtain a radius bending of the material for such processing using cutters of various shapes. The selected radius of the groove (90° or 135°) enables the bending of the panels Grossbond at a right or acute angle, and a variety of forms grooves ensures a bend of the workpiece with any radius of curvature without loss of operational qualities of the material.

In the manufacture of composite panels, along with disc cutters, widely used finger V-shaped or trapezoidal. Experts recommend the use of this type of cutter, since the lower base of the cutting element is not less than 3 mm, which determines the size of the base of the groove, which sets the bending radius. In addition, a small gap of 1 mm, which, one way or another, remains between the bent elements, makes it possible to slightly bend the workpiece to overcome the elasticity of aluminum composite panels and obtain a right angle. However, the use of finger mills has its own characteristics and nuances that you need to know – in particular, the time of their operation is slightly less than that of the disk as a result of lower resistance to wear. Also, the finger mill is more difficult to install correctly at a given depth of the V-shaped gap, this procedure can be performed only by an experienced milling specialist. Sometimes there is a need to manufacture their own unique copy roller for certain variants of composite panels with non-standard thickness parameters.

All disc cutters for composite processing can be divided into two types: one-piece cutters and with special insert teeth. The following subspecies are integral:

  • grooving;
  • the slot relief;
  • three-sided with straight teeth;
  • three-sided cutters with small and normal teeth, multidirectional.

Cutting down corners and eyelets in aluminum Grossbond panels is the next necessary step after milling. This operation is carried out by manufacturers of aluminum panels with the help of angle grinder, which is used for the production of facade cassettes for cutting corners after the operation of cutting composite panels and milling along the bend line.

​Such equipment for processing composite panels has the following characteristics and features:

  • equipped with a hand press to cut down fixed angles of 90°;
  • with the development of forces up to 3 tons unit has a fairly compact size for high comfort in working with him;
  • it has built-in protection against damage to the fingers.

How to order milling of composite panels

If you need milling of aluminum composite panels or panels made of copper, brass or stainless steel, you can order this service at our factory. Call +7(495)215-54-53 or email

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