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Perforated composite panels gets popularity among architects, designers and engineers. After all, with the help of perforation, you can create an individual design, recreate a drawing, a geometric figure or even a word. Decorative perforated elements look amazing in the interior design of a modern office or living space.


Applications of perforated panels

  • Facing facades of buildings for various purposes: offices, administrative buildings, residential complexes, showrooms, shopping centers, etc.
  • Interior design (ceiling, columns, murals, reception Desk, screen walls).
  • Furniture decorating, signage, entrances.

Types of perforated material

Perforation can be used on any facade composite panels (aluminum, copper, stainless steel and brass). Our equipment allows us to produce both standard perforated panels and custom-designed ones.

Types of perforation

The factory Grosstek provides punching services for aluminum composite panels, stainless steel panels and copper composite panels. High-tech equipment of our plant allows to process the panels, based on the architectural design and technical specifications.

We offer three types of perforation:

  • Typical
  • Atypical
  • Art

Typical perforation

There are four standard types of holes – round, square, rectangular, oval. In a typical ACP perforation hole sizes, as well as the distance between the centers of the holes can be different and selected by the customer from the proposed size range. The nature of the location of the holes relative to each other may also be different. 

There are two types of hole arrangement in a standard perforated sheet:

  • The holes are positioned evenly.
  • The holes are staggered.

Hole diameters are produced in the range from 2 to 40 mm at the request of the customer.

Перфорация листового металла

Atypical perforation

Atypical perforation is one of the types of perforation that allows you to create holes of different shapes on the sheet material. The size and shape of the holes are designed and applied according to the design project for the interior or architectural project for the exterior.

Перфорированные панели

Art perforation

Artistic perforation is a new popular trend in the world of architecture and design. A high-precision method of processing a composite panel, in the technological process of which a peculiar, authentic artistic image created by numerous holes is obtained. Perforated panels are used as decorative interior design: ceilings with perforation, perforated walls, perforated rack and much more - everything that can help the interior designer to realize the most daring and exquisite fantasies and ideas.

Also perforated composite panels are actively used for cladding facades of buildings both in Russia and in European countries. Thanks to the capabilities of our equipment, you can play almost any image.

Панель перфорация Панель перфорацияПерфорированные панели в интерьере Перфорированные панели в интерьере

How to order perforation

To order the service of perforation of composite panels for the facade or interior, you can call +7(495)215-54-53, send us an e-mail or fill in the feedback form on our website. Our experts will advise and calculate the cost of perforation panels for your project. 

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