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The factory Grosstek offers a service of UV printing on aluminum composite panels. This type of printing is widely used both in interior design (partitions, posters) and in exterior design: entrance groups, facades of buildings, lining of gas stations, shops, design of entrance groups, as well as stands, reception, promotion, etc.

Our high-tech equipment for UV printing allows both selective printing and full - width printing of the material, depending on the requirements.


Advantages of UV printing on aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels are not subject to deformation. They are durable, strong and do not require special care. Therefore, using them, performing UV printing, profitable and convenient. This method of drawing images has a number of advantages:

  • resistance to adverse external influences;
  • image is bright and contrast;
  • profitable and affordable cost of services for customers.

The drawing is applied to the aluminum composite sheet by a modern UV printer using special inks that dry quickly and harden under the influence of ultraviolet rays. The image is high-quality and stable.

However, the result depends largely on the quality of the output image, which should be with the required parameters for printing. Our experts will advise you on UV printing, tell you about the requirements for printing, production time and cost of work by phone +7 (495) 215-54-53.

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